Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Poker night

This Picture is in responce to lovely madebyheather-heather's post about balieys and i would just like to say that mine is so much cooler than yours time a million :-) to start mine has jigsaw ice!! AMAZING and also it is in the most amazing glass EVER! It rocks! Literaly it's a rocking glass (its good for me as i would have knocked this over about 5 times tonight if it hadnt rocked!)

After loosing spectacually Aimie kindly lent me 5 chips which turned into thisssss!!

This is Mr Steves pile! (He didnt need help from Aimie!)

Aimie got a straight (we told her it definatly wouldn't happen)

It was her first game! I would say it was beginners luck but to be fair she had to lend me chips :-s

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  1. I would just like to point out that mine was REAL baileys, and that I could have mine in a rocking glass at any time I liked. Though I am slightly jealous about the jigsaw ice...