Wednesday, March 17, 2010

wow that was a big gap

i havent done any blogging in ages! but its not because ive not been working away its because ive been working TOO hard! :-) thats my story and im sticking to it x

this is a presant i made for a friend of mines birthday xx

i made some new gift bags aswell so i wrapped it up in one of those x


kelly love cupcakes so i thought i was cute xx

i hope you like it and i hope kelly is happy that i have finally put this post up x

also as a bit of a side note! i woke up to find a fox sleeping in my back garden! i love foxs because they seem a bit mysterious, also there are no foxs in guernsey so while im at uni in england i still get really excited to see one.

i was bit worried about him but then he looked at me so im sure he was ok


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