Wednesday, April 7, 2010

it grew!

for my first project at uni this year i descided to look at wool as it is a material that is avalible very cheaply at the moment

i found that wool is a fantastic material for growing plants.
  • it holds moisture (so you can forget to water it and it will not be a problem)
  • it can be used straight from the sheep which takes the nutrients that are found in the wool, such as green matter, to help the plants grow
  • it protects the seeds from weeds and any other nasties that might damage them before they have a chance to grow
  • it gives the seeds a protective casing and can start grewing without planting, the wool gives the seeds everything they need
... and anyway, IT GREW! i watered 2 of my seed capsuals before i left for easter (thursday 25th march) and i came back this morning and they have grown! In not sure exactly what i planted in this one :-s it could be a sunflower seed which would be good, this just adds to the excitement of waiting for it to flower :-)

this one even has roots!

the red one didnt work as well :-(

i think the reason it didnt work is because it is made from tops which has been dyed (i dont think it was dyed naturaly for some reason <3) and i think that the dye is the reason it hasnt grown.

but even this one grew roots :-)


  1. OH MY GOD you didn't tell me it grew!!! it looks awesome, well done you! are you proud?

  2. very proud thank you! all i need to do now is work on the packaging and i will be a very happy bunny x