Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just for me


Sooooo today I was planning to post some pictures of some place mats that i have been making, however, my sewing machine has decided that on the last but one place mat (of eight) that it no longer wants to use the cotton that i have been using. Very frustrating! Any way so i thought i would show you a few things that i have been working on 'just for me' instead!

So to start with, for Christmas i was lucky enough to receive a brand new computer. Its very lovely, however I've never had a desk top computer before so i don't have a mouse mat. So i tried my hand at some crazy quilting and made my self this mouse mat. 

I wanted something fairly original and quirky so i chose this fabric from my stash and stitched over some of the pattern to create some crazy quilting.

Secondly I have recently been teaching my self to spin using a spinning wheel. I have been trying to get to a spinning group which is held every first Thursday of the month but something has always come up or it has snowed so i had no way to get there! Anyway so there has always been something! So i brought a book called start spinning which was really helpful but i found the most helpful thing was to watch spinning tutorials on youtube. I could then use the book to simply remind me how do do certain things.

I don't think I'm doing to badly for a complete beginner. I even made my first hat from hand spun wool the other day, however it was snapped up by a friend too quickly so i don't have a photo at the moment. But i will get one.

And lastly I am attending a knit-a-long next Tuesday hosted by imake in Guernsey. We will all knit socks, most people attending have never knit socks before. Unfortunately for me that includes me! I don't like the idea that i can't just pick up the pattern and away i go. I read the pattern (with difficulty but i will explain about that later, funny story) and shock horror i didn't understand half of what it was asking me to do. So not being able to cope i had to start my sock before the knit along so it at least looks like i have always know what i am doing! It is a very basic pattern but i am actually fairly happy with how it has come out so far.

Unfortunately the toes fit Steve better than they fit me! Very sad but i think if i promise to make some more in a slightly more manly colour then he will let me keep my very first pair of socks.

Ah yes the funny story that i promised... when Martine sent us the pattern to have a look over before the knit-a-long she attached it as an image but it was upside down. I have an ipad and kept turning the ipad over to try to view the pattern and it kept flipping so it was always the wrong way. It took me a while before i gave up and printed it. Is that not a definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

Anyways that's all form me today

Thanks for reading


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