Monday, January 31, 2011

piping and sock yarn


I have been attending a sewing course on Thursday evenings for two weeks now and last week we all decided that we wanted to learn how to make piping. So i would like to present my first ever piped cushion. I love it so much, its the right colours for me and its also (if i do say so my self) really well made! I'm so so proud of it. Its hard to get the hang of, i found, but once you get it its a fab skill to have.

This week Ive also been practicing my spinning. Ive defiantly caught the sock knitting bug now, i finished my first pair of sock last Thursday and since then Ive completed one more with a beautiful lace pattern on it. I have been so  excited about knitting the socks that i decide to try spinning my own sock yarn as well. It has been hard as i have never spun anything this thin before but after a few bobbins of thicker yarn i now have some very thin yarn ready to become a sock! i also just love the colours. I'm not sure how easy it is to see in the picture but it has a few streaks of shin through it as well.

I brought the roving from and I'm so so happy with it! I'm also lusting after this yarn which is 3% sterling silver which just sounds too interesting to pass up, however i think ordering more that 3 skeins of yarn (just for sock knitting) this weekend already is enough and i will have to wait for a little while before i can justify buying this

Charlotte xx

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